When I was a little kid, my dad would take me to school on the back of his motorcycle. I remember the whole school coming outside to watch, and I felt like a rock star. There is something about a motorcycle that makes you feel cool, gives you edge. Ever since those days, I wanted to get my motorcycle license. Last year I finally got it, and bought my very first motorcycle. It’s a nice old BMW, with an amazing sound. I fell in love with it immediately. Only problem is: she is a feisty girl with a mind of her own. She requires a lot of work. And with a lot, I mean a lot. I couldn’t tell you how many parts I already had to replace. I am very lucky to have a friend who owns his own motorcycle shop. He helps me out working on my good old BMW and is able to cut me some deals. And boy, do I need that. Just like many of the other women in my life, this girl is able to financially ruin me within seconds. 

Where to look for motorcycle parts

Finding the right parts for my motorcycle was not easy. I have searched all over the internet, joined Facebook-groups, bought some overpriced parts from sketchy businesses et cetera, et cetera. I could write a whole epos about my journey to find parts for my good old BMW. Finally, my buddy who has the motorcycle shop came to my rescue. He had heard about this amazing site called Double R Parts. They sell wholesale motorcycle parts from a large variety of brands, for very fair prices. Double R Parts only sells to workshops and dealerships, but luckily my friend could help me out with that. Ordering is very easy in their web shop. And their service is amazing too. Every time we could not figure out how to correctly place a part, we could just give Double R Parts a call and they would walk us through it. 

On the road again

So now, thanks to Double R Parts, my motorcycle is running perfectly smooth again. The new parts make it feel brand new. And the best part: thanks to their amazing prices, I have enough money left to go on a two-week road trip! So see you soon my friends! I’ll be on the road with favorite feisty girl.