How to Improve Sound Quality in Your Car

How to improve speaker sound quality

Car Smart sells some of the best car speakers on the markets. Your speakers are crucial elements of improving your driving experience. A car is a great place for you to enjoy your favorite music.

Most people think that by buying better, newer speakers they will have the best sound quality. Although that may work, there is a lot more to improve sound quality in your car than simply buying new speakers. 

The following tips should help you improve the overall sound quality in your vehicle: 

Use Sound Proof Material

Sound proof or sound deadening material is a great solution to improving the sound quality inside your vehicle. They help reduce vibrations from the car and road noise when driving. 

When the metal in your door panel vibrates with sound from your speaker, it vibrates as your music plays. The vibration adversely affects the accuracy of the sound from your speakers. 

The noise from the road when driving tends to vibrate at a lower frequency and masks the lower frequencies produced by your speakers. That is why the music sounds so bright when you increase the volume at high speeds. 

Sound deadening materials reduce the vibrations and road noise to give you excellent sound quality.

Speaker Placement

Where you place your speakers will also have a significant bearing on the sound quality in the vehicle. Most vehicles come with in-built speakers in their door panels which is not a great place to place speakers. 

As seen above, the thin metal on the doors produce vibrations when music plays covering up lower frequencies. Therefore, placing your speaker in a more ideal location will improve sound quality in the car. 

The best place to put your speakers is in the back seat or the trunk if it is a station wagon. That way the sound can be heard clearly throughout the entire vehicle. 

Add an Amplifier

No matter how good your car speakers are, the best way to make them function optimally is to add an amplifier. An amplifier serves the purpose of boosting the power produced by your speakers.  

By adding an amplifier, you also provide your speakers with more clean power than any stereo can provide. The difference in sound quality with a good amplifier can be astounding. 

Just like improving the speed of your vehicle, whenever you think of sound quality do not forget about increasing power. An amplifier is the best way to increase ‘the power of the sound’ inside your car. 

Get a Better Subwoofer

A subwoofer makes a great difference to sound quality especially as it pertains to the subwoofer box. If you have a subwoofer that is properly sealed and one that is not, you will hear the significant difference in sound quality between the two. 

If you cannot buy a proper subwoofer box for your car’s speaker, you can have someone build an appropriate one for you. The box for the subwoofer should be built to match the subwoofer’s volume output. Failure to do so will result in poor performance.