Some people just do not know how to go about cleaning their home and so it never gets done. One solution is to hire a cleaner from an agency, but what would a professional cleaner do in your house? Or if we wish to undertake the cleaning ourselves what plan can we follow. The plan outlined here is for a regular weekly clean. If your apartment damansara residence has not been kept clean you may follow another plan. Daily and monthly cleans differ slightly from this outline.

Cleaning Expert

According to a survey of cleaning professionals and experts, any good agency cleaner will follow a plan similar to the one described here, and we can of course follow this plan ourselves if we are feeling adventurous and energetic.

Generally we start in the kitchen. One good reason for this is that if we discover anything that requires soaking such as crockery, the oven top or the skirting boards, we can leave these soaking and move onto another high end condominium room before returning.

In a similar vein, it makes sense to clear the crockery and pans of debris and put them in the sink to soak or in the dishwasher. If there is no dishwasher we can move onto the oven while the articles soak, otherwise we start the dishwasher right away to allow it time to finish while we do other things. For the oven top hot water and a mild detergent should be used together with a sponge or cloth. Care must be taken not to scratch any surfaces if using an abrasive scourer or certain types of detergent. Wipe all grease clean.

Clear all surfaces of clutter, through wrappers and unused food into the bin, put edible food into the fridge or cupboards, tidy up any documents or papers. Now disinfect the surfaces with a bleach type product or disinfectant spray, before wiping them down.

Using cloths and disinfectant wipe down tiles, walls and appliances.

Next vacuum clean or sweep the floor, and finally mop the floor with mild disinfectant as long as it is not carpeted.

Skirting, under and behind appliances, door frames, windows and the ceiling all also need to be cleaned however these can be tackled monthly for example


In the bathroom, firstly put a strong cleaner into the toilet in case it needs soaking. Wipe down tiles, mirrors and walls where necessary with hot water and detergent. Use a general cream or powdered cleaner to clean the bath, and sink paying attention round the taps and plug hole. Wipe down outside the sink and bath with mild detergent. Scrub the toilet and wipe outside it with disinfectant and finally mop the floor with hot water and detergent and empty the waste bins.

For the remaining rooms and high-end condominium hallways, pick up any garbage from the floor. Tidy belongings and documents. Put things away in the right places. Shake out rugs and brush down furniture. Dust blinds, wipe down door frames, and skirting and empty waste bins. Change the bed sheets and put away clothes. Dust and polish surfaces and hoover or sweep the floor. Hygienically cleaning your residence is as simple as that.