9 Tips to Rent a Cheap Kia Picanto in Dubai!

When we are in the high season vacation during summertime, it will be difficult to find a cheap place to stay. But you can find the cheapest car rental in Dubai as it is the main frustrating aspect of  your travel plan. Various plans are available to save cash from credit payment plans on your new rental car. Do you want to Rent Kia Picanto in Dubai? If so, you should be single or have a small family! As the Kia Picanto is a small car. Kia Picanto is now available for rent in Dubai. You will find below nine hints to rent Kia Picanto in Dubai.

Use coupons to save more

Before you even start looking for your rental car, you have to check for the best coupons and offers.

Use an online deal aggregator 

Take the opportunity to discover great deals on car rental in Dubai by browsing rentalcarsuae.com and make sure not to neglect the brand-name car rental agencies as you could save between 10% to 50% of what you are going to pay for the car.

Don’t rent at the airport – 

You should not rent a car at the airport if you want to save up to 10 to 30% of the total cost of your rental car. If you are already in Dubai it is better to rent a car online. 

Consult with credit card companies and frequent flyers about partner benefits

 In most cases, memberships benefit from additional insurance coverage and discount charges. 

Avoid signing on the dotted insurance line 

Additional insurance like personal effect protection and the loss of damage waivers may charge an extra $20 to $40 a day for your rental vehicles (although in most states it is optional). Before you sign up for any insurance offered by your … Read the rest

5 Steps to set up a Top-Notch Preventive Maintenance Program for Your Fleet

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Do you own a small, medium, or large fleet company? Then, investing in preventive maintenance plan is advantageous. With it, you can able to reap the benefits in the long run. Still, if you are not convinced and struggling to keep your machinery and assets up and running for most parts of the year, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have briefly explained how you can implement an effective preventive maintenance plan that can work wonders for you.  Before diving deep into the steps, let us quickly find out what exactly the preventive maintenance plan is.

What is a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Preventive maintenance program consists of inspections, repair of vehicles, preventing major breakdowns, servicing schedules, and optimize the functionalities of the fleets. By investing time and resources into it, you can reduce downtime and increase the life expectancy of your vehicles. You can even get better fuel efficiency, cost savings, improved service reliability, and, most prominently, improved safety.

How to Implement a Fleet Maintenance Plan

When you start to create a maintenance plan for your fleet, you should develop a strategy for both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. Scheduled activities comprise preventive maintenance and inspections. On the other hand, unscheduled activities include recalls and accident repairs.

Remember, by preparing for as many possibilities as possible in advance; you will be able to control costs successfully and withstand a high-performing fleet.

Are you ready to implement a plan now? Then, let us now check out the steps one by one.

Step 1 – Perform Inventory of All Fleet vehicles

It is the first and essential step of a preventive maintenance plan. For it, you should start reviewing the maintenance records for each vehicle to find out frequently required maintenance activities and parts. After that, you should establish … Read the rest

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Software Development Company for Developing Fleet Fuel Management System

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Once you have decided that your fleet company needs a fleet fuel management system, the most crucial decision to take is choosing the right company for custom software development. Whether your business will achieve skyrocket ROI or experience, a costly dead-end is much depended on your fleet maintenance software. Therefore, if you fail to choose the right company, it will become an obstruction in the success of your company.

Nowadays, there are thousands of custom software development companies in existence. From all of them, how would you choose the best one? Do not get confused. Here, in this blog, we have covered the five aspects that you should take into consideration for selecting a compatible partner.

  • Technological Expertise

When you are looking for a custom software development firm, consider the kind of technology or methodology required to build fleet fuel management software. Some companies are proficient in .Net, whereas others are experts in Java. Therefore, you must choose a company that can execute the right methodology and technology to minimize costs and maximize gains.

Always keep in mind, custom software development is not limited to any one programming or scripting language. There are various frameworks, tools, and programming languages needed for specific circumstances. So, look at technological expertise, versatility, and capability to mix several tools to get the job done right.

  • Project Timeline

Timeline is one of the essential factors that you should take into considerations. A fleet fuel management system may take months or years to complete. However, in the end, you want someone that can deliver custom software with the top-quality within a reasonable deadline. Ensure that you do not have to pay any additional costs because of the failure to deliver on time. You should settle only for the option that can keep the risk at a … Read the rest



A corporate limo service is Important for your business. When you hire a professional limousine service, your clients will make you understand the importance of it and you will feel that it is a necessary aspect of your business which will increase your business in professional means. If you feel that a professional car service is expensive then keep the following points in your mind, you will realize that it will give your business a big successful hand which is not that costly as assumed.


Professional limo service allows their customers to easily approach them and it is their strong belief that customers can book the car services very easily. When you contact Limo Services in Mississauga they will reserve your car in a very short time by taking some necessary information and you don’t have to wait for a long time for the booking. Hiring car service means that Limousine will show up within the designated time whether you want to pick someone from the airport or you desire to travel within the city or wish to go outside of the town. You can hire it for a single trip or multiple days booking is also available.


If you hire a limo car service for your clients, this will be the most professional car service you have ever purchased. It will convey an elegant first impression on them and it will ensure your clients that they are valuable to you and your company. If you and your clients have to visit multiple places for business purposes, you don’t need to worry about it, your car service will take you to your desired locations by maintaining your company’s proficient image. If your client does not experience traveler you can hire a chauffeur who is really expert … Read the rest

Qualities of a Reliable Airport Transfer Services Provider

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Comfort at its best – airport terminal transfers is truly favored by travelers because of its dependability and appropriateness.

car rental company can give airport transfer services. They make sure that their clients are comfortable with the services they got – may it be cheap car rental in Dubai or an airport transfer. If you are searching for an air terminal exchange administration supplier, numerous companies give you such service – once you find a provider of cheap car rental in Dubai monthly, chances are, they also give airport transfer services. 

However, to determine if you have chosen the right provider, you can check out these qualities that they must possess. Before you settle on a rental company, you have to see that they are:

1. Welcoming and cordial. You must feel good with their escort all through the excursion. The company must be helpful and obliging and will take care of every one of your needs. 

2. Reliable – they must consider your time, help you unwind and make the most of your get-away. They ensure that the pick-up time and sending off time will be according to your timetable. 

3. Must have vehicles with good quality. The vehicle’s condition should be flawless – they review all parts of the vehicle before renting them to you – from the seats to the motors, they’ll ensure that everything is functioning admirably. This is to give you smooth and safe travels. The number of travelers additionally matters to us, so to give you the correct vehicle for you.

4. Licensed by legitimate specialists. The company should guarantee you that they are a confided organization by many and assures your security with them. Your true serenity won’t be in question – you can confide in these companies. 

5. Offer sensible … Read the rest