9 Tips to Rent a Cheap Kia Picanto in Dubai!

When we are in the high season vacation during summertime, it will be difficult to find a cheap place to stay. But you can find the cheapest car rental in Dubai as it is the main frustrating aspect of  your travel plan. Various plans are available to save cash from credit payment plans on your new rental car. Do you want to Rent Kia Picanto in Dubai? If so, you should be single or have a small family! As the Kia Picanto is a small car. Kia Picanto is now available for rent in Dubai. You will find below nine hints to rent Kia Picanto in Dubai.

Use coupons to save more

Before you even start looking for your rental car, you have to check for the best coupons and offers.

Use an online deal aggregator 

Take the opportunity to discover great deals on car rental in Dubai by browsing rentalcarsuae.com and make sure not to neglect the brand-name car rental agencies as you could save between 10% to 50% of what you are going to pay for the car.

Don’t rent at the airport – 

You should not rent a car at the airport if you want to save up to 10 to 30% of the total cost of your rental car. If you are already in Dubai it is better to rent a car online. 

Consult with credit card companies and frequent flyers about partner benefits

 In most cases, memberships benefit from additional insurance coverage and discount charges. 

Avoid signing on the dotted insurance line 

Additional insurance like personal effect protection and the loss of damage waivers may charge an extra $20 to $40 a day for your rental vehicles (although in most states it is optional). Before you sign up for any insurance offered by your rental car agency, make sure you check your existing policy, credit card companies and AAA.

You can book multiple cars, then cancel them when price decrease

Unlike flights, you can cancel a reservation just before starting driving the car and you can cancel when prices decrease and book again.

Lookout and avoid sneaky fees

Regardless of the amount of gas you left in the car when you dropped it, you will be charged to pay the full price of a tank two or three times more. You can avoid this and pay less. To save a lot, you can bring some items such as GPS and electronic toll collection systems.

Consider booking your car for a longer period

You can save on your car rental fees by a couple of hours or even days after you book. Many car rental services are counted in hours (for daily car rental) or days (for monthly car rental).

Kia Picanto Features

Engine Size    1.2L

Bluetooth    Yes

Cruise Control    No

AUX    Yes

USB    No

5 Seater    Yes

7 Seater    No

Luggage    2

Navigation    No

Reverse Camera    No

Parking Sensors    No

Additional Features Can Be Bought

  • Super Collision Damage Waiver
  • Child Safety Seat: For children (15-30kg, 33-66lb) (CST)
  • Baby Safety Seat: For children 1-4 years (13-25 kg, 20-50 lb)
  • Infant Safety Seat: For children (0-13kg, 0-29lb) (CSI)
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Additional Driver
  • GPS satellite System


The most reliable and suitable car for the long and short trips, consumes less fuel with low rent that helps in saving money. If you are searching for cheap car rental Dubai Kia Picanto is the best option for you to rent it out on daily and monthly basis.